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Managing Medications Featured

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It is becoming more frequent to see medications distributed in blister packs, rather than in pill bottles.

Skilled nursing facilities and other medical facilities tend to use them to avoid medication distribution errors. For the elderly, this packaging style can be very difficult to manage, if the person has problems with fine motor or hand coordination and/or arthritis.

If you are helping a loved one manage their medications, and this is a struggle for them, you can organize their pills one week at a time in a pill organizer and minimize self- medication errors, by putting all of the bottles and sheets of medication in a separate place.

To help the overall understanding of what medication is used to treat what type of condition, you can make a chart, that includes a picture of the pill, what it is used for and when it is taken. You can copy a picture of the pill from the internet, or take a picture of the pill, and apply it to the chart. The chart will serve to reinforce and remind the person about their medications, and reduce the potential for errors.

Here is an example:

Pill - Description Name of Pill When I take it Why I take it

 White, Large, Oval


In the evening

To improve my


If you are challenged with how to manage a loved one’s medications, let us know what the issue is, and we’ll see if we can help you problem solve your issue! - Now "Let's Get Going" xo Sally

If you would like to learn more about Sally Thimm OTR/L Occupational Therapy Services visit: Professional Case Management of SWFL

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